Guiding Rates

Standard day rate for rock, ice, skiing and alpine private guiding:

  • $495/day + GST
  • Additional Person – $60/day + GST

Other Fees

  • Longer & more involved routes may have an additional premium charge
  • Driving, accommodation & food costs are trip dependent
  • Please contact us for details and a full quote

Maximum Ratios (Guide:Guests)

  • Technical Climbing
    • 1:1 on longer & more involved rock, ice and alpine routes
    • 1:2 on moderate length multi-pitch climbing routes
  • General Mountaineering 1:4
  • Instructional Climbing Courses 1:4
  • Ski Touring 1:6

Food Packages

  • $40/day/person for healthy, tasty meals with an emphasis on organic products.
  • Rates may differ slightly for specialty diets however we can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, celiac, SCD and other specific diets

Group Rates / Instructional Courses / Off Season Rates

  • Please contact us for details and a quote