Alpine Climbing

We are looking forward to the 2024 alpine climbing season. If you are looking for big glaciers, long alpine rock routes, or mixed routes with a chance to put all your climbing skills to use, then alpine climbing is for you!


Long north face routes like Mt Athabasca, or Mt Stanley, great rock routes like Sir Donald, Bugaboo Spire and Mt Louis, or glaciated peaks like the Columbia and Wapta Icefields…we can help get you to the top!

The typical Rockies alpine climbing season runs from May until October.

Please contact us to help set up an alpine climbing trip for you!

Alpine Climbing Courses and Crevasse Rescue Clinics

If you are looking for a chance to improve you personal alpine climbing skills, or want a course to teach you new aspects of alpine travel and mountain safety, contact us for details about setting up a custom made course to complement the skills you already have.

View photos from previous summers